Dear Customer,
Dear Customer,

our products are subject to strict quality control. Should a product nevertheless not function properly, we regret this very much and ask you to contact our technical service directly: Help Center

In addition to the statutory warranty, we grant you an extended manufacturer's warranty for certain products identified by us in accordance with the following warranty conditions:

  1. ANSMANN AG guarantees the freedom from defects, usability and durability of the materials used during the respective warranty period.
  2. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of the product and is valid throughout the European Union. The exact warranty period can be found in the product description.
  3. Warranty claims must be made immediately after becoming aware of the defect within the warranty period.
  4. ANSMANN AG will fulfill a justified warranty claim at its discretion, free of charge, by repair or replacement within the warranty period. In case of replacement, the old product will be replaced by a product of the same kind, quality and type. If the product concerned is no longer manufactured at the time the fault is reported, ANSMANN AG is entitled to supply a similar product. Replaced devices or parts of devices become the property of ANSMANN AG. The warranty services do not cause an extension of the warranty period, nor do they initiate a new warranty.
  5. Warranty claims are excluded in the event of damage caused by:

    - improper handling
    - normal wear and tear
    - exposure to chemicals
    - force majeure
    - interventions not carried out by our technical service
    - unauthorized repair attempts
    - failure to observe the operating instructions
    - failure to observe the safety precautions applicable to the product
    - use of force (e.g. impact, shock, drop).e.g. impact, shock, drop)
    - shipment in packaging that is not safe for transport

    In addition, accessories that are not part of the basic equipment of the product are excluded from the warranty.
  6. In the event of a justified warranty claim, please send the defective product together with the relevant service card and proof of purchase in a prepaid parcel to the following address:

    Industriestraße 10
    97959 Assamstadt - Germany
  7. The warranty granted is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.
  8. The warranty applies only to non-commercial use of our products.
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