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Are you planning an exciting innovation or would you like to develop your product further? We are happy to support you with your project.


We combine your product with the right battery

We are specialists in several areas.


We supply you with the perfect battery for your electric drive for scooters, cargo bikes and e-bikes.


With manufacturing certified to the EN ISO 13485 medical standard, our batteries are ideal for your medical device end product.

Garden and tools

From robotic mowers to chainsaws and special tools. We offer you robust and powerful batteries for your power tool.

Optics & Acoustics

We are your reliable partner for power sources in the field of optics and acoustics.

Measurement & Test Equipment

As a professional in the measurement and test industry, you can rely on our reliable batteries.

Building & Security Technology

Battery and drive solutions for any application in building and security technology are no problem for us.

Home & Living

From hair cutting tools to cleaning equipment to self-contained and powerful lighting systems. We have the battery you need.

Sports & Recreation

With our battery, your product will simplify the leisure time of many.

Mechanical Engineering & Control Technology

We also have the right battery for you for applications in complex plant and control technology.
Tailored to your product

The chemistry just has to fit!

Long service life, high energy density, best safety - these are the standards by which we select battery cells from the range of well-known manufacturers. The high-quality products offer a long and stable energy supply.


The energy source of the future.
  • Twice the energy density of
    NiMH cells
  • Very low self discharge
  • No memory effect
  • Thermally stable and extremely resistant to cold


The classic among rechargeable batteries.
  • Robustness, cycle stability
  • Environmentally friendly and almost 100% recyclable
  • Extremely low self discharge
  • No protective circuit or UN tests required
  • Cost-effective alternative to Li-Ion battery packs


The runtime miracle.
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Long life
  • High current capability
  • Heavier than Li-Ion and NiMH
  • Easily adjustable
Battery packs and primary batteries

Our standardized solutions

With low annual quantities, it is often not worth developing new products - the development time is too long or the costs are too high. This is where our standardized solutions come into play.

Standardized Li-ion battery packs

A variety of UN 3480/3481 certified standard cells (e.g. Li 18650) are already available.

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Standardized primary batteries

A primary battery is the ideal solution when energy is needed infrequently but over a long period of time.

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Standardized e-bike battery packs

Reliable and powerful, for adventures on two wheels - always ready to power your e-bike.

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UN Test Center - We test your lithium batteries

Several test procedures simulate various hazardous situations that can happen to an accumulator or battery during transport. After successfully passing all tests, a certificate is issued according to UN Manual 38.3 or IEC62133-2:2017.

Our task, our responsibility

Our certifications

Particularly high requirements are our standard.

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Quality management

DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015

Environmental management

DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2016



One Stop Shop

Everything from a single source - from development to distribution.

Consulting, development and design

Together we work on your project goal. We focus on the development and design to create a perfect solution for you.

Cell measurement

We test your cell in the laboratory with charge and discharge parameters, just as it will later appear in your product.

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Prototype construction & series production

A prototype is important for detecting errors at an early stage and ensuring quality. This enables a targeted transition to series production.

Certification & Test Center

After successfully passing all tests, a certificate is issued in accordance with UN Transport Regulation 38.3 or IEC62133-2:2017.

Have battery packs tested

International transport handling

We support you in the organization and handling of the transport of your product in order to be able to distribute it internationally.

Disposal & Recycling

We help you to dispose and recycle your battery properly to protect the environment and recover resources.

Frequently asked questions

We will answer everything you want to know.
According to which standards are we certified?
How and where are the battery packs tested?
Where are the battery packs produced?
Do you also offer after-sales service for a custom designed battery pack?

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