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Create your own private label product

You choose and we take care of the rest. From your idea to the final product.

Our services for your product

We analyze the market potential and the needs of your target group for you.

Your product idea

Together we will find the right product for your business.

Requirements analysis

We create a technical profile with all important key figures.

Product Design

With us you get your products with clear recognition value of your brand.

Packaging design

Don't leave the first impression to chance: We support you with the packaging design.

Instruction manual

We create your user manual according to your needs.

Transport and shipping

We provide optimal nesting and palletizing.

Quality assurance

We promise you excellent standards for outstanding results.
Our customized solutions

Developed according to your ideas

Our team will be happy to develop the right product according to your individual requirements.

Your product idea

We offer you a wide range of innovative lighting solutions, from pen lights to headlamps and robust work lights. Our range also includes rechargeable batteries, button cells, batteries and chargers, all perfectly matched to your needs.

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Requirements analysis

You will receive a detailed list of the most important facts and figures.

  • Feasibility, offer price, delivery times
  • Technical data, range comparison, scope of delivery
  • Market potential, target group needs, time-to-market
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Product design individually according to your wishes

With us you get your product not only in your own label, but also in your own design.

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In your corporate logo

With your logo we create a clear recognition value of your brand.

In your brand colors

To reflect the soul of your brand, we use your brand colors.

With your desired customizations

With small adjustments we give your product the final touch.

Packaging design that inspires

Don't leave the first impression to chance: we support you in designing your packaging.

Promoting sales

We make sure that the packaging sells, convinces the customer and creates trust.

Packaging requirements

We design practical packaging that meets warehouse and logistics requirements.

Instruction manual

You will receive a detailed proposal for an instruction manual, which you only have to approve.
  • Required symbols, safety and disposal instructions.
  • Available in multiple languages for international distribution.
  • Simple and understandable explanation of your product.
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Optimized storage and transport processes

We implement your storage and transport requirements or work out the optimal nesting and palletizing for you to reduce costs.
Your product

Full quality assurance

Our quality management ensures compliance with high safety standards during the development and manufacture of your product.

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Personal contact

Your contact persons

Just send us an email or call us directly.
Tobias Breitinger

Tobias Breitinger

OEM - Private Label
Johannes Schölch

Johannes Schölch

OEM - Private Label
Björn Felch

Björn Felch

OEM - Private Label
Alexander Max

Alexander Max

OEM - Private Label

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