Your removable battery for a greener mobile future

With the GreenPack exchangeable battery, you can safely store and transport energy and use it for a wide range of applications.

"Standardization and the associated compatibility lead to efficiency gains and cost reductions in production and greater convenience for the customer."
Dr. Christian Milan
Founder of emobilitätonline
"The GreenPack system is the ideal storage solution for our photovoltaic systems."
Zbigniew Wyszogrodzki
Zbigniew Wyszogrodzki CEO - Apator Control
"The GreenPack battery gives the KickTrike the necessary power. You can easily go 50 km on one battery and changing the battery takes just a few seconds."
Markus Wozniak
CEO Kicktrike GmbH
"We use the GreenPack as a standard battery in our cargo bikes and are completely satisfied. The GreenPack is powerful, robust and reliable."
Miroslaw Sledzinki
CEO - Aksen Grupa
"The well thought-out GreenPack concept with rental batteries and automatic battery changers solves the well-known disadvantages (short range, high purchase price and battery wear) of permanently installed batteries in e-vehicles."
Markus Bergmann
Managing Director Carla Cargo
Vehicles and applications from practice

Our GreenPack in full operation

One battery, countless possibilities

Mobile energy handily packed!

With the standardized GreenPack battery, applications can be easily and intelligently powered with mobile electrical energy.

Standardized interfaces

The GreenPack system is designed so that the exchangeable batteries can be used without restriction in different devices from different manufacturers thanks to intelligent communication and standardized interfaces.

A pretty strong package

The battery has a nominal voltage of 48 V and a capacity of 1400 Wh. Thanks to a possible continuous current load of 25 A, it can also be optimally used for power-hungry applications.

Robust and uncomplicated

Our battery packs are splash-proof (IP54) and protected by our in-house UN 38.3 transport test against hazards that may occur during transport or use.

Greenpack 1.0

Available cells
  • 48 V - nominal voltage
  • 10 A max. charging current
  • 25 A max. discharge current
  • 60 A max. peak discharge current (3s)
  • 1.4 kWh energy
  • IP65 Water jet protected
  • 8.8 kg weight
  • 368 x 88 x 217 mm Dimension

Greenpack 2.0

Available cells
Li-Ion / LFP
  • 50.4 V / 44.8 V - Rated voltage
  • 20 A max. charging current
  • 60 A max. discharge current
  • 100 A max. peak discharge current (3s)
  • 2.1 kWh / 1,075 kWh energy
  • IP54 Splashproof
  • 12 kg weight
  • 298 x 83 x 388 mm Dimension

Reliably store green energy!

With the new GreenPack 2.0 you always have enough energy with you. Through the parallel connection, you can connect several modules together, so you can easily increase the capacity and have even more power for your applications.

Charging station and lending system

The GreenPack 2.0 is integrated in the Swobbee charging stations. Here
you can easily replace your empty battery with a fully charged battery. Our standardized exchange battery can thus also be used ideally for rental systems.


Our Greepacks have the following approvals:

  • UN 38.3 - Transport test
  • IEC 62133-2:2017 - Battery safety test
  • DIN 79010:2020-02 Ready - Cargobike standard

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