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We realize your product in the field of mobile energy.

Our services

One Stop Shop

We support you in the complete development process. From consulting to development to testing to distribution and disposal.

Consulting, development and design

Together we work on your project goal. We focus on the development and design to create a perfect solution for you.

Cell measurement

We test your cell in the laboratory with charge and discharge parameters, just as it will later appear in your product.

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Prototype construction & series production

A prototype is important for detecting errors at an early stage and ensuring quality. This enables a targeted transition to series production.

Certification & Test Center

After successfully passing all tests, a certificate is issued in accordance with UN Transport Regulation 38.3 or IEC62133-2:2017.

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International transport handling

We support you in the organization and handling of the transport of your product in order to be able to distribute it internationally.

Disposal & Recycling

We help you to dispose and recycle your battery properly to protect the environment and recover resources.

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Our customized solutions

Developed according to your ideas

Our team will be happy to develop the right battery pack with charger for you.

Battery packs

Based on your product and its requirement, we develop
the right battery pack for you.

  • With Li-Ion, NiMH or lead
  • For applications from medicine, garden, e-mobility and many more.
  • Various standard solutions
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We design the right charger for your battery.

  • For Li-Ion, NiMH, induction and lead
  • Communication protocols, e.g. CAN, I2C, SM, LIN, HDQ
  • Standardized IPC charger series
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Power supplies

Sometimes mobile energy is not enough,
then we have to go directly to the source.

  • Secured power supply
  • More energy for more demanding applications
  • Durable and continuous use
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Can we help you with your project?

Discover how we can make your project a success. We offer tailored support to help you get there.

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Our systems

Our finished systems: ready for immediate use

With our systems, you'll get to your destination quickly.

Drive systems

Choose from our different motors and battery packs the system that suits you best.

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An intelligent automatic battery changer, energy-charged GreenPacks and a wide range of possible applications - that's the GreenPack system.

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The uncompromising safekeeping for your batteries, both for storage and transport.

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We implement your product idea with our standard assortment

Want your own batteries, penlights or headlamps in your own label?

Make our standard products for end customers your own.

We analyze the market for you and give you recommendations on the potential and the needs of your target group.

Create your own product

1. consultation

Together we will discuss which products can help you.

2. offer

We will provide you with a quote that includes all important data, minimum quantities, costs and delivery times.

3. product information

From technical data and dimensions to weight and accessories.

4. product design

With us you get your product not only in your own label, but in your own design.

5. product packaging

We support you with the packaging design - based on your corporate design.

6. operating instructions

We create the user manual entirely according to your needs.

7. transportation and shipping

We fully adapt to your processes and requirements.
Our task, our responsibility

Our certifications

Particularly high requirements are our standard.

DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Quality management

DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015

Environmental management

DIN EN ISO 13485 : 2016


Frequently asked questions

We will answer everything you want to know.
According to which standards are we certified?
How and where are the battery packs tested?
Where are the battery packs produced?
Do you also offer after-sales service for a custom designed battery pack?

Can we help you with your project?

Most project managers contact us before starting the project.

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