ANSMANN receives TOP 100 seal

We have received the coveted TOP 100 seal for our successful participation in the innovation competition for our innovation qualities

Top Innovator 2023

ANSMANN, a leading supplier of battery and charging technology, has received the coveted TOP 100 seal for its successful participation in the innovation competition. Only particularly innovative medium-sized companies receive this award. The company was recognized for its innovative approaches and in particular for its commitment to numerous research projects.

Currently, the innovation team at ANSMANN is working on up to five research projects per year. These deal with the automated disassembly of rechargeable batteries for recycling, the refilling of primary batteries and the use of purely bio-based components in battery housings. In addition, ANSMANN is looking at the future of work under the sign of the digital twin. This involves close cooperation between people and technology in order to create jobs and make optimum use of the capabilities of people and machines. ANSMANN works together with colleges, universities and other companies in consortia that are supported by German ministries.

"We are very pleased that we as ANSMANN AG are among the most innovative companies in Germany. This success encourages and motivates us in the innovation team to work on many different topics that will contribute to securing the future of the company. Digitalization, resource efficiency and circular economy are particularly in focus."
- Alfred Bergold, in Innovation Management at ANSMANN

The TOP 100 seal has been awarded to the most innovative companies in Germany since 1993 and is regarded as an important distinction for companies' research and innovation work. The competition is based on a scientific selection process. On behalf of the organizer compamedia, innovation researcher Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and his team examined ANSMANN on the basis of more than 100 criteria in five categories: Innovation-promoting top management, innovation climate, innovative processes and organization, external orientation/open innovation, and innovation success (for more information on the test criteria, visit www.top100.de/pruefkriterien). Of particular importance is the question of whether a company's innovations are random products or systematically planned and thus repeatable in the future.

"TOP 100 is about the question of how important the innovation goal is within the company. Do routines and habits dominate, or is the company capable of questioning the existing, thinking creatively and anew, and successfully asserting this on the market? We analyze this ability on the basis of more than 100 test criteria."
- Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, Scientific Director of the Competition

ANSMANN is proud to be among the companies that have received this important seal.