Success for ANSMANN in NDR market test: Our batteries convince!

Our company and our batteries were recently featured in the NDR market test video - and we did extremely well.
"They are in lamps, remote controls or toys: batteries. In price, brand-name batteries differ enormously from products from the supermarket or discount store. Do the more expensive lithium batteries last longer than the cheaper alkaline batteries? Or are rechargeable batteries the better choice? Markt did the test."

Our company and our batteries were recently featured in the NDR market test video - and we did extremely well! That's a reason to celebrate - and we want you to share in our success.

Click here for the video.

Why this is important to you:

  1. Confidence in our products: When you buy batteries from us, you can be sure that they withstand the most rigorous tests. The mention in the NDR market test gives you confidence in the quality of our products.
  2. High performance for you: Our batteries are proven, which means they will work reliably and efficiently in your devices. You get the best for your money.
  3. Looking to the future: Our mention in the NDR market test video is an incentive for us to go even further. We take the praise as an obligation to continuously improve our batteries and develop even more innovative solutions. You can count on us to have even more exciting products in store for you in the future. We want to keep pushing the boundaries of battery technology to give you an even better user experience.

‍Summary: Strong together for an energy-rich future

Our success in the NDR market test is not only our success, but also your success. As our valued customer, you've been instrumental in helping us evolve and our batteries keep getting better. You deserve the best products.

The future looks promising for us and we are full of drive to develop even better, more sustainable and more powerful batteries. Your needs and expectations are our incentive and we look forward to an energetic future - together with you. Thank you for being part of our journey!