Review of the BOREALIS live webinar

On November 28, 2023, BOREALIS hosted a groundbreaking live webinar on the topic of halogen-free, flame-retardant polypropylene (HFFR PP).

The event, entitled "The Future of Mobility: Sustainability, Safety and Innovation", presented revolutionary advances in materials that ensure safety in high-voltage and high-energy applications and are sustainable at the same time.

Challenges and solutions for flame-retardant plastics

The event highlighted the difficulties of conventional flame retardant plastics, which often hinder recycling efforts. It was emphasized that the latest breakthroughs in HFFR PP from BOREALIS offer a promising alternative to combine flame retardancy and recycling requirements.

The halogen-free, flame-retardant compounds with glass fiber reinforcement presented by BOREALIS, which cover a wide range from 0 % to 40 %, offer an ideal material solution for various applications in the mobility sector.

The webinar provided an insight into technological advances, while also presenting real-life application examples and successes in the field of mobility. Guest speakers from renowned companies such as ANSMANN AG and denkstatt GmbH contributed their expertise and experience to the discussion in order to shed light on concrete figures and successful implementations.

Expert insights and practical application examples

Guest speaker and colleague Marco Nover from ANSMANN AG, an expert in the field of mobile energy, reflected on the importance of the event. He explained that the webinar, in which he was invited to participate as a guest speaker, was an excellent opportunity to introduce the GREENPACK 2.0 to a large audience.
His statements reflect the transformative nature of the webinar, as it not only served as a platform for innovative material presentations, but also helped to raise awareness of ANSMANN as a pioneer in mobile energy. The opportunity to reach a large number of participants and open new doors was considered a major success of this event.

Joint steps towards a sustainable mobility future

BOREALIS emphasizes its commitment to circular technologies and materials as well as partnerships along the value chain to shape a more sustainable future of mobility. The company's innovative approach aims to develop lighter, more cost-efficient and globally accessible solutions that drive progress in the industry.

The denkstatt Group is a leading international consultancy with 30 years of experience in the fields of environment, sustainability, energy, health, safety and mobility. We emphasize our technical expertise and science-based approaches to develop tailor-made strategies for sustainable development. The webinar was a significant step in transforming the industry towards a sustainable future of mobility and working towards it together. Participants were encouraged to take advantage of the innovations presented and promote the move towards greener mobility.

ANSMANN AG would like to thank the BOREALIS team and all participants, guest speakers and all those involved who contributed to this inspiring and informative event.

Did you miss the exciting webinar? You can find the recording via the following link: https://www.borealis.solutions/protect-your-products-protect-yourself-on-demand-webinar-registration/