Battery Tester Car Power Check
Tester for 12V car batteries and the charging circuit
Kfz Power Check, manual
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Professional testing device for your 12V car battery

With this handy tester you can quickly and easily check the charge state of your car battery.

Charging circuit and launch readiness

Using this device either the driver or the service centre can check the charging circuit and status of the car battery within minutes.

Easy handling

Taking a few seconds to set up, the device is connected to the battery posts with help of coloured crocodile clips. Integrated protection prevents short circuit or reverse polarity.

Reliable diagnosis

Different colour indicator lights offer easy and reliable diagnosis of your car battery as well as the charging circuit. Both factors are important, so you don’t want any surprises when starting the car. Poor condition batteries can be detected earlier and replaced, so that the car will start when needed.


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