Slumber-Nightlight Elephant
DIE MAUS cuddly slumber nightlight elephant with integrated nightlight and lullaby functions
Slumber nightlight elephant, 3 AAA batteries
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DIE MAUS – Elephant slumber nightlight

The soft and cuddly snoozing light is ideal to help your child to fall asleep. The slumber nightlight bathes the sleeping environment in calming blue light. The gentle music helps your child to settle and fall asleep. The huggable friend helps your child to orient themselves in the dark and chases away all the ghosts. The slumber nightlight is also ideal for nursing and when travelling.

Cuddly toy - washable

To ensure that the snoozing light is always lovely and cuddly, the electronic unit can be removed allowing the cuddly toy to be washed.

Lullaby and nightlight functions

The lullaby and nightlight functions can be activated by pressing the cuddy toy's tummy. The functions can be switched on or off, individually or together. The peaceful potpourri of lullabies based around the German lullaby "Sleep little one, sleep" ["Schlaf, Kindlein schlaf"] helps bring your child's day to a peaceful close.

Switches off automatically

Thanks to the integrated automatic switch-off, the child can sleep on in the darkened and peaceful environment after falling asleep, promoting a deep and restful sleep (light: 30 mins, music: 15 mins.).

LED lamp technology

The LED technology ensures reliable operation. The very low power consumption guarantees long battery life. In addition, the lamps do not become hot, even after prolonged use.

Most important for you as parents - FACTOR SAFETY FOR YOUR CHILD:

We, the ANSMANN AG, want your children to be able to play and sleep safely. Therefore we attach great importance to safe products and high-quality materials.

The safety of the children has highest priority for ANSMANN. We ensure our high quality standards through intensive testing. Energy saving LEDs are used as light source. This ensures that the night light does not heat up.

Tekniska data

Färg blå
Förpackning Karton
Belysningsmedel LED
Lysande kraft 0,15 W
Strömförsörjning 3× AA / LR6


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