Extremely bright 930 lumen 10W LED torch with high-efficiency reflector system, incl. 4x ANSMANN alkaline batteries and wrist strap
Ficklampa, 4× AA alkaliska batterier, handledsrem
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Grippy and versatile

The professional M900P 10W LED torch from ANSMANN impresses with its ideal proportions and non-slip exterior. The lamp housing is made from robust ABS plastic. This has the advantage that the material does not cool down so severely in extremely cold conditions. The carry-comfort and the ergonomics in particular are optimised by this. Holding the torch for a long time in cold weather is no problem.

Ultra-bright, shockproof and waterproof

Equipped with the latest LED technology from CREE, a high-efficiency reflector system and three light functions controlled by a microcontroller, the torch is optimised for ideal light output and lighting range. This enables objects to be identified at great distances in the dark by using Boost mode to achieve a range of up to 240 metres. The lamp is waterproof up to 1 metre and impact resistant up to 1m drop height, tested per IPX7. This maximises the service life of the torch and also protects it if it falls into a puddle or if it is used in heavy rain for example.

High-efficiency reflector system with long battery life

The M900P LED torch achieves a brightness up to a super-bright 930 lumen. Thanks to the different lighting modes, the lamp can achieve a battery life of up to 20 hours in continuous use. The high-efficiency reflector system enables ranges of up to 240 metres to be achieved. Despite the high power, the LED is always controlled in a gentle and sustainable manner. This enables the LED to achieve a service life of several tens of thousands of hours.

Anmärkning för användare

Denna lampa är avsedd för mobil användning, LED-lampan i den kan inte bytas ut och lämpar sig inte som rumsbelysning i hemmet.

Tekniska data

Färg svart
Belysningsmedel CREE LED
Lysande kraft 10 W
Strömförsörjning 4× Mignon AA / LR6
Lätt flöde 930 lumen
Räckvidd 240 m
Lystid 20 timmar
ipProtection IP67


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