Litium Batterie Mignon AA / FR6 2 pcs. blisterförpackning
Litium Batteri Mignon AA / FR6 / 1,5 V - first-class quality with long shelf life
2 Extreme Lithium batteries Mignon AA / FR6
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10-year battery

The high quality lithium battery, specially developed for smoke detectors, offers a high degree of reliability and safety.

Up to 700% more power

The lithium batteries offer many times more power than zinc-carbon batteries.

High performance, even in extreme temperatures from -40°C to +60°C

Whether in extreme cold, on mountains or underwater - extreme lithium batteries are the batteries for professional and industrial demands. They are exceptionally tolerant of negative temperatures.


Lithium batteries are around 35% lighter than normal alkaline batteries. This is a great advantage that pays for itself quickly with all outdoor activities or when travelling.

Long-term durability

The lithium batteries offer you reliable performance and long-term durability (10 years) alongside a very good price/performance ratio.

Quality Assured

ANSMANN batteries are thoroughly tested for compliance with electrical, thermal, geometric and safety-related regulations. Tough tests in Germany and Asia ensure only the best product quality will reach our customers. Our quality control engineers continuously monitor the products’ compliance with European and international approvals as well as to our own high quality standards.

Tekniska data

Färg silver
Cellkemi Litium
Spänning 1.5 V
Förpackning blisterförpackning
Cellstorlek Mignon AA / FR6
Antal celler 2
Hållbarhet 10 År
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applications Bei niedrigen Temperaturen


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