PhotoCam V
Desktop charger for 1-4 Micro AAA / Mignon AA / Baby C / Mono D and 1x 9V E-Block rechargeable batteries, automatic battery-full-detection (-deltaV) for round cells
PhotoCam V, power cord 1,8m, manual
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Charger with automatic battery-full-detection (-deltaV) for round cells

The intelligent PhotoCam V charger can charge 1 - 4 NiMH or NiCd rechargeable batteries of Micro AAA, Mignon AA, Baby C and Mono D sizes, as well as a 9V Block E.
With round cells, a rapid capacity test is carried out for about 5 seconds after inserting the batteries. The charge level for each charging slot is indicated by LED. The inverse-polarity protection prevents incorrect insertion of batteries. If 9V blocks are charged, the approximate charging time must be calculated, and the unit must then be disconnected from the mains.

In the case of round cells, the microcontroller-monitored charging control with automatic shut-off ensures best charging results. When charging is complete the round cells may remain in the unit. They are kept fresh with a trickle charge, and are always ready with 100% full charge.
This will be great news to many globetrotters: Thanks to the wide range input, the Photocam V is suitable for worldwide use (via adapter) in the range of 100 - 240 V.

Tekniska data

Färg silver
Förpackning blisterförpackning
Inspänning 100 - 240V AC
Uppladdningsbara celler Micro AAA , Mignon AA , Baby C , Mono D , 9V E-Block
Avgiftskemi Nickelmetallhydrid


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