ALCS 2-12/0.4
Artikel nummer:1001-0015
Lader voor 2V, 6V en 12V loodzuur, loodgel loodvlies accu's vanaf 1,2Ah
ALCT 2-12/0.4 with pole terminals, cable 3,5m, manual
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  • With 3.5m charging cable
  • Protection against short-circuit, wrong polarity and overcharge
  • Suitable for standby and parallel mode
  • Charging according to IU characteristic
  • Automatic recharge, if the battery is left connected to the charger
  • Ideal maintenance of lead acid batteries during winter time – no deep discharge
  • Battery capacity: 1.2Ah - 40Ah
  • Weight: only 135g due to modern switching power supply technology
  • Operating voltage: 100V - 240V AC / 50Hz - 60Hz
  • Charging current: 400mA

Technische gegevens

Kleur zwart
Verpakking kartonnen doos
Ingangsspanning 100 - 240V AC

2V/6V/12: 400mA

Maximale uitgangsstroom 0.4 mA


Gebruiksaanwijzing | ALCS 2-12-0.4
Verklaring van overeenstemming | 1001 0015 ALCS 2 120 4