Hoorapparaat batterijen type 675 / PR44
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Hoorapparaat-batterijen 675 / PR44 / 1.4V - perfect voor dagelijks gebruik
6 hearing aid batteries type 675 / PR44
€ 6,49 AVP
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Modern zinc-air high performance battery

This hearing aid with modern zinc-air-technology (1,45 V) are the optimal energy source for all analog and digital hearing aids. They are also ideal for the latest generation of digital devices.

Long duration and high capacity

Much attention is given to the excellent performance oft he coin cells: high capacity for a long duration and optimal reliability are guaranteed.

Long durability with LGA-test-certificate

The hearing aid batteries offer a reliable performance and a long durability with a very good price-performance-ratio. The shelf-life is about 4 years with rarely no performance deficits. The independend testing institude LGA confirmed the complete and permanent quality of the product.


High-quality and mercury-free, therfore they are especially ecologically.

Technische gegevens

Kleur zilver
Celchemie Zink-lucht
Spanning 1.45 V
Nominale capaciteit 620 mAh
Verpakking blisterverpakking
Celgrootte 675 / PR44
Aantal cellen 6
Duurzaamheid 4 Jaren


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