Battery Tester Power Check 12/24V
Reliable and professional tester to check the battery voltage
Power Check 12/24V, manual
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Professional tester for your car battery - 12V/24V

This handy test device is used to check the battery voltage. Within seconds, the currently measured output voltage can be displayed to an accuracy of 0.1V for 12V or 24V batteries.

Alternator monitorable

The car voltmeter can be used to monitor 12V or 24V batteries of the alternator or charge regulator.

Simple operation

The test device can easily be plugged into the 12V adapter.

LED display

A very bright, high-quality LED display allows the value to be read optimally in all lighting conditions.

Reliable diagnosis

So that the driver does not experience any nasty surprises the next time he starts his car or with other applications, the PowerCheck 12/24V provides professional and reliable diagnosis. Damaged starter batteries can thus be detected as defective at an early stage and early battery death can be counteracted by appropriate countermeasures.


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