Professional LED portable spotlight with integrated rechargeable battery, various light functions and orange coloured filter disc
Lamp, charge station, wall plugs and screws, USB cable, coloured filter disc, operating instructions
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Robust, reliable, portable spotlight

The HS5R portable spotlight is a robust and reliable, rechargeable battery powered portable spotlight suitable for a great variety of applications, regardless of whether in industrial or commercial use, hunting or security services. The professional work lamp ensures that you always have enough light.

The flashing function and the orange filter disc provided mean that the spotlight is ideal for use as a warning light for road users as the lamp head can be tilted through 90° and the lamp can be set down. The robust ABS plastic housing is also designed for use when wearing work gloves.

A powerful mounting magnet on the underside of the housing enables the lamp to be quickly and simply fastened to metallic surfaces or simply charged in conjunction with the charging/mounting cradle.

Light output

The light output is superb: The 5W power LED installed provides a bright and homogeneous field of light. The special reflector creates a particularly uniform field of light throughout the whole lighting range – whereby the lamp achieves up to 420 lumens with a range of up to 500 metres.

Powerful lithium rechargeable battery pack with microcontroller-based charge technology

A permanently installed and powerful li-ion rechargeable battery pack with 2600mAh provides the energy required. If the rechargeable battery pack's charge level is low the spotlight switches off automatically to prevent damage to the rechargeable battery pack due to deep discharge. Charging is implemented via a Micro-USB connection, either by a mains outlet or in cars or commercial vehicles with conventional USB chargers - practical for industry and for emergency services such as the fire brigade, the THW (the German technical relief agency), etc.

Thanks to the latest microcontroller-based charge technology (with four-fold safety shut-off – short-circuit, over-charging, deep discharge, overload), which has been ideally adapted to suit the particular characteristics of lithium rechargeable batteries, the charge procedure is stopped automatically as soon as the rechargeable battery is fully charged. This means that over-charging is impossible, which ensures maximum safety on the one hand and provides high performance and long service life for the rechargeable battery pack on the other hand.

Charging can be implemented directly via the Micro-USB cable provided or via the wall holder / charge cradle. An indicator light on the on/off switch provides information about the remaining capacity of the lithium rechargeable battery pack and also about the charge progress.

Focussing and lighting modes

The lamp is simple to operate thanks to the two function buttons: Switch 1 is the on/off button and switch 2 can be used to select the three different functions: In 100% mode the HS5R will provide light for ca. 2 hours, in 25% energy saving mode, the lamp will provide light for ca. 9.5 hours and ca. 16 hours in flashing mode.

Mains failure electronics

In the event of a mains failure (whilst charging) the mobile spotlight automatically switches on and so emergency lighting is always close at hand with the lamp.

Delivery includes

The lamp is delivered as a set with the charge station for wall mounting (incl. wall plugs and screws), USB cable and orange filter disc.


Tämä lamppu on tarkoitettu mobiiliin käyttöön, sen LED-lamppua ei voi vaihtaa. Lamppu ei sovellu huoneen valaisuun kotitaloudessa.

Tekniset tiedot

Väri musta
Jännite 3.7 V
Nimelliskapasiteetti 2600 mAh
Pakkaus Box
Lamput LED
Valaiseva voima 5 W
Virtalähde Li-Ion-Akkupack
Valovirta 420 lumenia
Valaistus alue 500 m
Valaistus aika 9.5 tuntia
ipProtection IP20


Käyttöohje | HS5R
Vaatimustenmukaisuusvakuutus | 1600 0222
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