In-Car Charger 248
Intelligent in-car USB charger 24 W for smartphones, tablets and other USB devices
In-car USB charger
3 Years
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With two USB ports and a power rating of 24 W, the in-car USB charger from ANSMANN offers the ideal charging solution for your application. Your device is optimised and safely charged thanks to the intelligent charge control and Multisafe technology. Very low stand-by consumption makes this charger not only efficient, but also economical.

Smart IC - the intelligent charge controller

Thanks to the integrated Smart-IC chip, the USB charger detects the highest possible charge current which can be drawn by your device and delivers this. Fast and safe charging is guaranteed.

Our guarantee promises

We always strive to achieve the very highest levels of customer satisfaction and this is the reason why ANSMANN provides up to 5 years guarantee on selected product groups. If you should have questions regarding an ANSMANN product, even after the guarantee period, please contact our friendly service technicians, who will be happy to provide you with competent assistance.

Technical Data

Color black
Packaging cardboard box
Output Voltage 5V DC
Input Voltage 12 - 24V DC

5V DC / 4800 mA / 24 W

Maximum power 24 W
Maximum output current 4.8 mA
USB ports (min.) 2
USB type USB
chargingSpeed 4800 mA
maxInputCurrent 2.5