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Powerline 5 Pro

Powerline 5 Pro
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Part number 1001-0018
EAN 4013674023653
Color black
Dimensions 170 × 48,5 × 142 mm
Product weight 550 g
Scope of delivery Charger, mains adapter, vehicle adapter, manual
Warranty 3 years


The Powerline 5 Pro - the professional all-rounder

The new ANSMANN Powerline 5 Pro is the perfect combination of charger, test station and rechargeable battery maintenance device. This quick-charge device is designed for professional use in commercial and private applications, but is nonetheless very simple to operate.
With the intelligent ANSMANN Powerline 5 Pro, NiMH/NiCd quality rechargeable batteries from all manufacturers in AAA, AA, C, D sizes as well as a 9V block-style battery, can be charged (please use rechargeable batteries that are capable of being fast-charged when using the higher charge currents).

Maintenance program included

The product has four charging programs for round cells, with which rechargeable batteries can be charged, pre-discharged, refreshed (refresh function by repeated charging and discharging) or tested to determine their capacity (in mAh). The programs can be individually adjusted for each charge bay (individual bay monitoring and control). Rechargeable batteries that have been damaged beforehand can be regenerated. Unusable rechargeable batteries can be identified for discarding.

Easy-to-read LCD display

All functions (capacity, voltage, charge current and discharge current as well as charge time) are displayed separately for each bay in the charger display. The displayed values can be easily read in any lighting conditions thanks to the very clear, blue-illuminated display.

State-of-the-art and advanced charge technology

The most up-to-date microprocessor charging technology provides reverse polarity and short-circuit protection as well as multi-level overload protection.

With 9V rechargeable batteries, the charger is switched off via a timer. After charging the rechargeable batteries, the ANSMANN Powerline 5 Pro automatically switches to pulse trickle charging. This guarantees perfect performance and a long service life as well as ensuring that the rechargeable batteries are always ready to use.

USB charge function

The additional USB charge function is ideal for charging standard USB devices such as smartphones, mobiles, MP3 players and other hand-held devices.

Summary of functions:

  • For 1-4 NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries (AAA / AA / C / D) as well as 1x 9V NiMH/NiCd PP3 block-style battery
  • USB charge function with a power output of 5V/1000mA for all standard USB devices (Apple®, Samsung®, Nokia®, HTC®, LG®, Nintendo®, etc.*)
  • Microprocessor control for charge current monitoring of the individual rechargeable batteries (individual bay monitoring)
  • Microcontroller quick-charge with up to 1800mA charge current (when charging 1-2 rechargeable batteries)
  • Multi-level overload protection for the rechargeable batteries and battery care function
  • Automatic changeover to trickle charging (rechargeable batteries always ready to use)
  • Test function for testing capacity, voltage and charge or discharge current
  • Care function for refreshing old rechargeable batteries
  • Individual bay monitoring for optimum charging and care
  • Wide-range mains adapter (100-240V) for worldwide use as well as 12V vehicle adapter for charging in cars, vans or motor homes


* Registered trademarks of the respective manufacturer

Technical Details

Technical Details

suitable for 1-4 NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries (AAA / AA / C / D) , 1x 9V NiMH/NiCd PP3 block-style battery, standard USB devices (Apple®, Samsung®, Nokia®, HTC®, LG®, Nintendo®, etc.)
Chargeable cells AAA | AA | C | D | 9V E | USB
Input voltage 100-240V AC
Worldwide use Yes
LCD display Yes
Individual supervision of cells Yes
Over-charging protection (trickle charge) Yes
Discharge function Yes
Refresh function Yes
Safety timer Yes
Current Micro AAA 400/600/800mA (1-4)
Current Mignon AA 400/600/800mA (1-4), 1500/1800mA (1-2)
Current Baby C 400/600/800mA (1-4), 1500/1800mA (1-2)
Current Mono D 400/600/800mA (1-4), 1500/1800mA (1-2)
Current 9V E-Block 15mA
Current USB 1000mA
Number of cells No
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