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Energy XC3000

Energy XC3000
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Battery management system for 1-8 Micro AAA / Mignon AA, 1-4 Baby C / Mono D, 1-2 9V E-block rechargeable batteries or 1 Li-Ion/LiPo battery pack, LCD indication, different charging programs and charging currents
Part number 5207452
EAN 4013674207459
Color black
Dimensions 192,2 × 287,5 × 56,6 mm
Product weight 1600 g
Scope of delivery XC3000, power supply with 1,8m cord, 1,8m power cord, universal adapter plate, manual
Warranty 3 years


Universal battery management system for charging and testing of virtually all batteries

  • Charging the batteries: Charging option for Li-Ion/Li-Po battery packs (3.6-3.7 V and 7.2-7.4 V), 1-8 Micro AAA / Mignon AA, 1-4 Baby C / Mono D, and 1-2 9V Block NiCd/NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Charging, discharging, testing and refreshing the batteries: Individual settings for each battery can be made via three function keys. Four charging programs are available, with which up to 10 batteries can be simultaneously charged, discharged, refreshed (by charging and discharging up to 10 times), or tested for capacity.
  • Automatic shut-off: State of the art microprocessor-controlled charging technology with multiple overcharge protection guarantees optimally charged batteries and a gentle charging process.
  • Charging battery packs: The included universal attachment has two flexible pins that are easy to move with the help of the removable stylus, and thus can be adapted to virtually any battery pack. The charger automatically detects the positive and negative poles, as well as the battery voltage.
  • Quick charge: The Energy XC 3000 automatically determines the optimal charging current for the inserted round cells and charges them with up to 2000 mA in a rapid charging process. If required, the charging current can also be manually selected in advance using the function keys. A built-in fan provides effective cooling of the batteries.
  • Individual monitoring: In Energy XC 3000 each round cell (of any size) can be placed in any charging slot. Each battery is individually monitored during charging, and individually charged to its maximum capacity.
  • Multifunctional LCD display: Shows the selected charging program and the cell voltage (in V), the charge/discharge current (in mA), the capacity (in mAh) or the elapsed time (in hh:mm) separately for each charging slot, thereby providing a reliable control of all operations. It also alerts you when a non-rechargeable battery is inserted, or when a battery is faulty.
  • Extensive testing unit: The integrated test station reliably checks the energy content of rechargeable batteries, batteries and coin cells of any size and design. Within seconds, the cell voltage under load is determined and the remaining capacity is displayed in 10% increments.

Intelligent charge control

After inserting the batteries, the charger performs a quick capacity test and displays the charge state in 25% increments for each battery individually. After about ten seconds, the charging process itself starts, if no other program has been selected.

Once a battery is fully charged, the charging process is automatically stopped and, for round cells, changed to trickle charging (buffer charging with current impulses). This feature ensures optimum performance and counteracts the self-discharge of the battery. The battery can thus remain in the device until it is used. No trickle charge is required for Li-Ion /Li-Po battery packs.

The Energy XC 3000 is designed for worldwide use.

 ANSMANN Energy series

The microcontroller-monitored battery management system of the Energy series is the perfect combination of a universal charger, maintenance equipment and test station. Not only classical batteries of all five major sizes (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V) can be charged, but also a variety of lithium-ion/lithium polymer battery packs for digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones or smartphones. The battery level prior to charging is irrelevant. In addition, a reliable battery tester for all common battery types is installed. Thanks to the fully automatic control, the charger can be handled in a clear and easy way. It is suitable for all rechargeable batteries (NiMH/NiCd) and battery packs (Li-Ion/Li-Po).

Technical Details

Technical Details

Chargeable cells AAA | AA | C | D | 9V E | Lithium battery pack
Input voltage 100-240V AC
Worldwide use Yes
LCD display Yes
Individual supervision of cells Yes
Over-charging protection (trickle charge) Yes
Discharge function Yes
Faulty cell detection Yes
Capacity quick test Yes
Microprocessor control Yes
Temperature control Yes
Safety timer Yes
Current Micro AAA 500/250mA (1-8)
Current Mignon AA 2000/1000mA (1-8)
Current Baby C 2000/1000mA (1-4)
Current Mono D 2000/1000mA (1-4)
Current 9V E-Block 75mA (1-2)
Current Battery pack 700mA (1)
Number of cells No
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