High quality, splash proof Headlight with 5 LEDs
Headlight, 3 Micro AAA batteries
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Headlight HD5


The ANSMANN Headlight - HD5 is a high quality, splash proof headlight unit with 5 powerful LED bulbs. For optimized comfort, the energy pack, housing 3 ANSMANN AAA batteries, are at the back of the headband.

The light intensity is 40 lumens and has a beam of approximately 100 metres, also the angle of the headlight is adjustable.

The headlight has an operating time of up to 20 hours.

Technical Data

Color black
Packaging blister packaging
Illuminant 5 LEDs
Illuminant power 0,45 W
Power supply 3× Micro AAA / LR03
Light flux 40
Operating time 20
IP protection IP54