As a system supplier of motors and drive sets ANSMANN not only provides its customers with standard but also with customized solutions.

Pure Drive

The barely visible hub motors of our Pure Drive range are the ideal minimalists for anyone for whom the design is particularly important. Combined with the compact bottle-style rechargeable battery or the invisible in-tube rechargeable battery, you have a really lightweight system. Perfect for urban spaces, lifestyle bikes and gravel bikes through to ultra-light racing bikes.

Eco Drive

As a compact all-rounder, our versatile Eco Drive range is particularly impressive in the urban environment. The flexible drive set is particularly easy to install and can likewise be retro-fitted just as quickly.

Power Drive

This sporty unit really shows its mettle: The power units in the PowerDrive range combine dynamic riding pleasure with sporting elegance and powerful support. This makes them the ideal basis for all systems that have to cope with special requirements: from touring and trekking bikes to heavy cargo solutions and to the 16” E-scooter.

Extra Drive

Many things simply must be built on wheels. But this includes more than just Pedelecs. Wheelchairs, golf trolleys, transportation cases through to hospital beds - all are moved by means of rollers. With our ExtraDrive motors we bolster up all those who work with these types of devices every day. Making light work of the heaviest of loads.

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