As a systems supplier, ANSMANN AG manufactures all conceivable battery pack assemblies according to customer requirements in production factorys in Germany and Asia.

Our team will gladly develop the right battery packs for you!

Drive Systems

Drive systems based on rechargeable battery technology have become increasingly important.

Medical Technology

With medical technology reliability, safety of equipment and quality are key features desired by manufacturers and their clients alike.

Gardening Tools

Battery driven gardening tools and tool kits are more comfortable to use and more environmentally friendly than their petrol powered counterparts.

Optics and Acoustics

ANSMANN offers technically superior customer-specific power solutions. In your search for the ideal power source in optics and acoustics, you can rely on ANSMANN.

Measuring Devices and Test Equipment

As a professional in the measuring and testing industry, you can rely on ANSMANN as a reliable and supportive battery manufacturer. We can support you with the best and most precise battery and charging technologies.

Building and Safety Technology

System and drive solutions available for applications in building and security technology. As experts in the field of battery, charging and power supply technology, we can supply the energy for your specific application.

Home & Living

From hair cutting clippers to self-sufficient, powerful lighting systems, ANSMANN can supply you with the optimal battery, charging system and power supply technology for most mobile applications.

Sport and Leisure

Enjoy your free time and let ANSMANN support you.

Through years of experience as a battery supplier in the field of sports and leisure, we have the best possible mobile energy solutions for your activities and equipment. (e.g. Golf Caddy).

Mechanical Engineering and Control Systems

Are you looking for a suitable system supplier for battery and charging components in plant engineering and control systems? ANSMANN can supply you with individual energy technology systems of different size and performance, that are ideal for your application.